It is my passion to take and share beautiful images of my family, my friends, and anyone around me! Ask my girls, there is no event too small to be captured on camera!
© Debbra  Bailey PhotoID# 10810975: Bowl of Baby Newborns
The beginning of a child's life is such an amazing time! The tenderness and innocence of a newborn in priceless! Babies can be photographed at any time, but the first days and weeks are a perfect time for getting those adorable asleep and content images!

© Debbra  Bailey PhotoID# 12795264: The First Year
Babies change so much as they grow during their first year! I love when I have the opportunity to photograph children frequently throughout the first year, and I can capture those milestones!

© Debbra  Bailey PhotoID# 10854046: Turtle Smirk Children
I love images of little children - it is so fun to capture their joy and spontaneity. You will see many many pictures of my girls as well as others.

© Debbra  Bailey PhotoID# 11296136: Seniors
A Senior's final year of school is such a special and memorable time! I try to capture each student's individuality in formal and more natural settings.

© Debbra  Bailey PhotoID# 6654433: Wet and Wild People and Families
From birth to adults, people are my favorite subject! I would love to photograph your newborn, children, or large family gatherings, whether in a formal studio setting, or a more casual outdoor location!

© Debbra  Bailey PhotoID# 7934310: Reflection of Love Weddings
A wedding is such an amazing milestone in your life! I would love to be a part of your day by capturing every part of it! From the official portraits of the bride and groom with their famillies, to the details of the cake and the antics of the ringbearer and flower girl, I will spend the day with you making sure every part of it is remembered!

© Debbra  Bailey PhotoID# 8243447: Corner to Corner The Rest of God's Creation!
Flowers, animals, landscapes.... this gallery has a vairety of images that are NOT of people!

© Debbra  Bailey PhotoID# 8140171: Metropolitan Pride Miscellaneous
Every so often, I get inspired to photograph something other than people or animals :) These are those things!


© Debbra Bailey

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