It is my passion to take and share beautiful images of my family, my friends, and anyone around me! Ask my girls, there is no event too small to be captured on camera!
© Debbra  Bailey PhotoID# 6227214: Flower Thief Animals        slide show
Animals are a huge part of many families! I would be more than happy to photograph your beloved animal! This can be done in a studio setting with a backdrop and lights, or a more natural setting in your home or outdoors.

© Debbra  Bailey PhotoID# 6484081: Buttercups Flowers        slide show
Flowers make beautiful images! With vibrant colors and a variety of shapes and textures, they can make brilliant compositions!

© Debbra  Bailey PhotoID# 6531920: Serenity Landscapes        slide show
Sometimes God's creation is just too beautiful not to photograph! It amazes me how different landscapes can be!


© Debbra Bailey

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