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from Jodi Hartley long time friends

Hey Deb and Nate,
Remember us-Jodi and Bill? Took our three girls to the Hotel for dinner tonight and ran into your dad. He looks great and we got to talking about you and this website. LOve it and the girls are gorgeous! Alex looks just like you!! Maybe you could come out and do some shots of us next summer? Take care. Jodi Previous Response:
from Debbra Bailey
on October 06, 2008
 Hey Jodi! Thanks for the comment! I just figured out I can respond! lol

Dad has been doing great- he has been really involved with us and the girls, which I have really loved :)

I would love do come and do pics next summer! That would be great - we can set it up in the spring :)

Hope you are all well! Thanks again! Deb 

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